Crime Scene Cleanup At Metairie


Crime scene cleanup is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of public safety and health. In Metairie, Louisiana, a variety of companies offer specialized services to restore affected areas after a tragic event. These professionals adhere to strict health, safety, and environmental regulations to ensure that hazardous materials are effectively removed and disposed of, maintaining the wellbeing of the community.

This article provides an in-depth view of the crime scene cleanup process, top local companies, financial considerations, and the importance of community support in Metairie. By understanding these essential elements, individuals can make informed decisions and preserve the safety of their surroundings.

The Crime Scene Cleanup Process

Restoring a crime or trauma scene involves a series of carefully executed steps designed to ensure thorough and safe cleaning. Here, we will explore the crime scene cleanup process.

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Assessing the Site

The first step involves a thorough assessment of the affected area to determine the extent of contamination and hazards present. Technicians also establish a plan to clean and restore the site effectively.

Containment and Protection

It's crucial to contain the affected area to prevent the spread of contaminants during the cleanup process. Technicians may set up barriers and wear appropriate PPE to ensure their safety and minimize cross-contamination.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Technicians remove all visible contaminants, such as blood, bodily fluids, and debris, using specialized equipment and cleaning agents. The area is then sanitized and disinfected to eliminate any remaining pathogens.

Restoration and Repair

Next, any damaged or contaminated materials, such as carpet, flooring, and drywall, are repaired or replaced as needed. The goal is to restore the site to its original condition, ensuring it is safe for future use.

Waste Disposal

Finally, all biohazard and contaminated materials are properly packaged, labeled, and disposed of in accordance with established environmental regulations.

Costs, Insurance, and Financial Considerations

Crime scene cleanup can be a costly service, but there are various financial assistance options available to help affected individuals cope with the expenses.

Factors Affecting Cleanup Costs

Several factors can affect cleanup costs, including the size and complexity of the scene, materials and equipment used, and labor hours required. In some cases, additional costs may be incurred for special services such as odor removal or waste disposal.

Insurance Coverage and Assistance

Many homeowner's and renter's insurance policies cover crime scene cleanup costs, often up to a specified limit. It's essential to verify coverage with your insurance provider before engaging a cleanup company. Additionally, financial assistance may be available through crime victim assistance programs or other local resources.

Payment Options and Financial Support

Most crime scene cleanup companies offer flexible payment options, such as installment plans or financing, to help ease the financial burden on affected individuals. In some cases, companies may also provide discounted rates or pro bono services to those in need.

Top 4 Crime Scene Cleanup Companies in Metairie

  1. United Fire & Water Damage of Louisiana: United Fire & Water Damage offers professional crime scene and bio-hazard cleanup services in Metairie and the nearby regions. They are well-trained in handling the removal and disposal of blood, body fluids, and other hazardous materials from crime scenes, suicide scenes, or unattended death scenes. Additionally, they provide fire and water damage restoration services.

Phone: (504) 832-0012


  1. Xtreme Cleaners: This locally-owned and operated crime scene cleanup company serves Metairie and the surrounding areas. Xtreme Cleaners specialize in cleaning and disinfecting crime scenes, suicides, unattended deaths, and hoarding situations. They are available 24/7 and are committed to providing compassionate, discreet, and timely services.

Phone: (800) 524-9591


  1. Bio-Tech Environment PSC: Bio-Tech Environment PSC is a crime scene and bio-hazard cleanup company that serves Metairie and nearby areas. The professionals at Bio-Tech Environment PSC are highly skilled in cleaning and removing hazardous materials from crime scenes, suicides, and unattended deaths. They also offer mold and odor remediation services.

Phone: (504) 889-9662


  1. AFTERDISASTER: AFTERDISASTER provides crime scene cleanup and disaster restoration services in Metairie and the surrounding region. They specialize in bio-hazard cleanup, bloodborne pathogen removal, and unattended death cleanup. Additionally, they offer emergency water removal, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation services. Their professional team is available 24/7 for rapid response.

Phone: (877) 267-9287


Selecting the Right Crime Scene Cleanup Company

In order to find the best crime scene cleanup company in Metairie, you'll want to consider several factors, including:

Experience and Reputation

Look for a company with a proven track record and a positive reputation within the community. Ask for references and read online reviews to ensure you are working with a reliable and reputable provider.

Compliance and Licensing

Verify that the company is licensed, insured, and in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations. This will help ensure that you receive professional services and that any potential issues are addressed promptly.

Quality of Service and Customer Support

Choose a company that offers exceptional customer service and support throughout the cleanup process. They should be responsive, compassionate, and committed to addressing your needs and concerns.

Availability and Response Time

Select a company that offers emergency response services and has a quick turnaround time. Prompt action is essential in preventing further damage and minimizing health risks.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications

Crime scene technicians must possess several essential skills and qualifications, including attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to work under pressure. They should be knowledgeable in biological and chemical hazards, as well as the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). A strong sense of empathy and compassion is also crucial, as technicians often interact with grieving family members and affected individuals.

Certifications and Training Programs

While formal education is not always a requirement, crime scene technicians should undergo specialized training and certification programs to ensure they are well-equipped to handle the job. These can include training in biohazard management, bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials handling, and other industry-specific topics.

Legal and Compliance Regulations in Metairie, Louisiana

Crime scene cleanup companies must adhere to various legal and compliance regulations to protect public health and ensure the safe and effective execution of their services.

Licensing Requirements for Cleanup Companies

To operate in Metairie, Louisiana, cleanup companies should be licensed and registered with the appropriate state agencies. They must also comply with local health and safety regulations and industry-specific guidelines, such as OSHA and EPA requirements.

Health and Safety Standards

Crime scene cleanup companies are required to maintain high health and safety standards throughout their processes. This includes the use of appropriate PPE, proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials, and regular training and certification of technicians.

Environmental Regulations and Waste Disposal

The disposal of biohazardous waste is governed by strict environmental regulations. Companies must ensure that waste is appropriately treated and disposed of in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Importance of Community Support and Awareness

Crime scene cleanup is a vital service that benefits not only the individuals directly affected but also the entire community. In Metairie, Louisiana, public awareness and support for these services are crucial.

Public Health and Safety Implications

Crime scene cleanup companies play a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and maintaining public health and safety. By ensuring that all hazardous materials are properly removed and disposed of, they help protect the well-being of the community as a whole.

Collaboration with Local Authorities and Agencies

Effective crime scene cleanup requires close cooperation between cleanup companies, law enforcement, and other relevant agencies. This collaboration ensures a seamless transition between the investigation and cleanup stages and helps maintain public trust.

Educational Initiatives and Public Outreach

Public awareness and education are crucial in promoting the importance of crime scene cleanup services. Companies can contribute by participating in community events, providing educational materials, and engaging with local residents to raise awareness about the industry and its benefits.


Crime scene cleanup companies play an indispensable role in protecting public health and safety in Metairie, Louisiana. By providing a range of essential services and adhering to strict health and safety standards, these professionals help restore affected sites and ease the burden on those directly impacted by traumatic events. By selecting the right company and understanding the available resources, you can ensure the safety and peace of mind for yourself and your community.